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ICTEC ®, or Indonesian Clinical Training and Education Centre®, is a simulation center located at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia. ICTEC which commenced its operations in June 2010, is also under the umbrella of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia with Dr. Theddeus O.H. Prasetyono, SpBP(K) as the inaugural director. ICTEC provides the highest quality of medical training programs for both national and international participants through the utilization of modern medical simulation facilities.

Some points of strength, our training facilities in ICTEC are built to a high national and international standard, equipped with multiple classrooms like simulation rooms, procedural rooms, mock operating room, mock ICU ward, fancy teleconference room, debriefing rooms, meeting room. We have various complete modern simulation and latest equipment like human patient simulators, laparoscopic simulator, endovascular intervention simulator and many more covering all fields of clinical medicine. ICTEC which belongs to the top referral hospital and high ranked world class university in the country,has also cooperation with some world class training centers out of the country. ICTEC start edits operational along with the founding partners : ISTIH and CTEC of University of Western Australia.


To become a center of healthcare training and clinical simulation with international standard in supporting the academic health system



1.   To provide infinite, assessable, and innovative learning experiences for medical practitioners and nurses

2.   To provide research-based training programs that are certified nationally and acknowledged internationally

3.   To implement strategic cooperation with professional associations and related colleges in order to create a standard for

      certification of national clinical training and simulation centre

The five basic attitudes of all ICTEC people follows the core values of the hospital: Professional, Integrity, Concerns, Completion Sustainable, Learning and Educational.

1.  Professional

  • Competent,responsible and provide the best

2.  Integrity

  • Honest,disciplined andconsistent
  • Uphold the moral,ethical and humanitarian

3.  Concerns

  • Proactive,sensitive and responsive
  • welcoming and friendly
  • Mutual respect and working together

4.  Completion Sustainable

  • Creativeandinnovative
  • Opentochange

5.  Learning and Educational

  • Continuous learning
  • Educate with courtesy

  1. To provide educational experiencein term ofclinical procedural skills to thetraineeto be competent beforecommencing theprocedureto thepatients withfast acquisition of skills
  2. To give ampleopportunityto thetraineein mastering and updating the most current clinical procedural skills
  3. To give ampleopportunityto theclinical experts in research in medical education
  4. To develop teaching andlearning strategyin term ofclinical procedural skills as wellas broaderfield of clinical teaching
  5. To give ampleopportunityto theclinical experts in developing novel and innovative clinical procedures related to further clinical research for safer, effective and more efficient procedures
  6. To support professional organizations and educational centers organizing nation wide and international scientific meeting with exceptional programs in clinical procedural skills as wellas potential support in continuing professional development to maintain certification.

  • dr. Theddeus O.H Prasetyono, SpBP-RE(K) - Chairman
  • Dr.dr. Ikhwan Rinaldi, SpPD-KHOM - Manager Of Administration and Finance
  • dr. Herbert Situmorang, SpOG (K) - Manager Of Technical and Operational
  • Febi Lenita, DDS-Clinical Assistant (1)
  • Hendra Tri Hartono, MD -Clinical Assistant (2)
  • Vita Angelia Korayan, MD -Clinical Assistant (3)
  • Suhartatiningsih Rahayu- Administration Assistant
  • Paskah Rina-Finance Officer
  • Penny Lestari-Marketing & PR Officer
  • Hangga Irawan  -Technician

ICTEC (Indonesian Clinical Training&Education Center) Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital-

Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia

CMU 2 Building, 2nd floor

Jalan Diponegoro No. 71, Jakarta10430,Indonesia

T/F   +62(21)31931424

Email :ictec.fkui.rscm@gmail.com



Twitter: @ICTECMedSim

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