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Surgical Clinic


     Polyclinic Surgery serves patients with surgical cases consisting of several parts / Division:
     Digestive Surgery
     Surgery Urology
     Tumor Surgery
     Vascular Surgery
     Thorax Surgery
     Pediatric Surgery
     Plastic Surgery
     Orthopaedic Surgery




     Consultation rooms are comfortable
     The action space to do:
     Replace actions Wrap
     Businasi action Anus
     Injecting actions
     Dilatation actions
     Wound Care actions are
     AFF action Stitches
     Measures Window
     Broad measures Wound Care
     AFF actions Stitch> 10
     Put action / open cateter
     Incici action Abscess
     Open cast action
     AFF actions Wire
     Aspiration actions
     Cut Flap action
     AFF action Cytostomi
     Action Open / Attach an arm cast
     Action Necrotomi
     Debridement actions
     AFF actions Wire> 1
     Circumsisi action (CASE)
     Biopsy actions
     Giving action Sitotastik
     Open actions / plug cast foot
     Action Eksterpasi
     Action Roserplasty
     Necrotomi action area
     Wide debridement action
     Excision of Keloids actions
     Excision action Clavus
     Action Meatotomi
     Action Nevus Excision
     Action excisional biopsy
     Action STNG / Skin Graf
     Finger Amputation actions
     Action Open / Attach Gypsum
     Nursing actions Burns> 10%
     Tattoos Exsisi actions
     Repositioning actions + Posting Gips Arm / Leg
     Roser action Plasty
     Action Exterpasi



     Polyclinic Building RSCM 2nd Floor
     Jl. Diponegoro No. 71. Jakarta Pusat 10430

     DIRECT PHONE: 021-3918301
     Intern PHONE: 6221

     Head room: Ns. Hj. Djubaedah. SKM

     Monday - Friday
     Hours: 08:30 s / d 15:30


     Featured Services Othopaedi and Traumatology Spine Center
     Phone (021) 3905894 - (021) 3929655

     Pediatric Surgery
     Phone (021) 3905073
     Vascular Surgery
     Phone (021) 3910487

     Surgery Urology
     Phone (021) 3152892

     Plastic Surgery
     Phone (021) 3918337