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Acupuncture Clinic


Acupuncture polyclinic serving a variety of cases of beauty and disease, either as a supporting treatment to other treatments or in isolation when other treatments are not possible, in general acupuncture use these tools to support the process of acupuncture, among others, are:

Acupuncture needle / fine needle / press needle
Usually used for a variety of circumstances headache, migraine, arthralgia, post herpetika neuralgia, gastric pain.Variety of functional disorders such as asthma, allergies, insomnia, nausea, hyperemesis gravidarum, obesity


Electroacupuncture stimulator
Acupunctur stimulation using electrical stimulation, which is commonly used in cases of:
Pain / many cases pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Hemiparesis (paralysis post stroke), paraestesi, Bell's palsy, obesitas,etc.


Planting Yarn
For Obesity Cases
Chronic diseases - asthma bronchiale


Acupuncture stimulation using ultrasound waves, which
commonly used in cases of pain muskuloskletal


Acupuncture stimulation using laser light, often used
for pediatric patients.
- Autism in children
- Cerebral palsy



General acupuncture
     Acupuncture Beauty / Aesthetics
     Planting Yarn


     Polyclinic Building RSCM. 3rd Floor
     Jl. Diponegoro No.. 71. Central Jakarta - 10430
     Tel / Fax: 021-3918470

     DIRECT PHONE: 021-3918470
     Intern PHONE: 6318
     Head room: Sr. Umi Ratna S


     Monday - Friday
     Hours: 08:30 to 15:00