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Medical Department of Forensic


Our motto: “To provide impartial and objective forensics service, and actively contribute in the development of medical science”

Forensic autopsy

The word ‘autopsy’ is derived from the word autos and opsi which literally means to see ourselves. Currently, this definition has grown into a multidisciplannary science that involves other divisions, such as anatomical pathology, odontology, radiology, obstetric and gynaecology as well as many other disciplines. Forensic autopsy is required to determine the cause and mechanism of death, as well as to predict the time of death for criminal investigation on unnatural death. Clinical autopsy can also be requested by family member or by concerned parties in order to determine an illness and its transmission on natural death.
Cold storage:

Cold Storage

Our department is in possession of 4 cold storages used for cadaver storage. In subzero degree in Celcius, the process of putrefaction will be delayed. Unidentified cadaver will be kept for some time, to wait for any family member to come and collect.

Forensic staff

Our staffs consists of professional, competent and certified forensic specialists. The prime services we provided are also supported by non-medical staffs such as technicians, administrators, finance staff, and secretaries.
Our primary services include:
1.      Visum reports for criminal cases (abuse, sexual offenses, etc)
2.      Forensic laboratory (forensic histopathology, toxicology, and forensic DNA laboratories)
3.      Skeleton examination (forensic anthropology)
4.      Cadaver embalming
5.      Cadaver care and transportation
6.      24 hour mortuary
7.      Ethico-medicolegal consultation
8.      Education and cadaver dissection training


1. Dr. dr. Yuli Budiningsih, SpF
Head of Department
2. Prof. Dr. dr. Agus Purwadianto, SpF (K), SH, MSi
Secretary of Forensics and Mdicolegal Department of FKUI
3. Prof. dr. Budi Sampurna, SH, DFM, SpF(K), SpKP
Professor of FKUI
4. Prof. Dr. dr. Herkutanto, SpF(K), SH, LLm
Professor of FMUI
5. dr. Djaja Surya Atmadja, SpF, PhD, SH, DFM
6. dr. Zulhasmar Syamsu, SpF, SH
Coordinator for Public Services

7. dr. Tjetjep Dwidja Siswaja, SpF, SH

8. dr. Oktavinda Safitry, SpF, MPdKed
Head for Forensic Specialization Program 
9. dr. Ade Firmansyah Sugiharto, SpF
Research Coordinator
10. dr. Fitri Ambar Sari, SpF
11. dr. Yudy, SpF
Administration and Finance Coordinator 
12. dr. Aria Yudhistira, SpF
Undergraduate Study Program Coordinator 

13. dr. M. Ardhian Syaifuddin, SpF