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Medical Department of Orthopedic and Traumatology


An overview of Medical Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology


Medical Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology is one of the unit of RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo that provides  integrated, holistic and comprehensive approaches for problems in bone and muscle. Services, including diagnostic, treatment and education, are provided for a wide-range of bone and muscle problems such as trauma, congenital defects, tumor, and infections. Supported by specialists that are long-known for their experiences and achievements, and also equipped with the latest technology, we aim to provide a quality service with a prioritization on your convenience and satisfatcion. Located at the heart of the Jakarta, our Department has been long known for its highest standards.



Besides the well-known quality services, our Department possess a remarkable number of research and education activities. Multiple seminars that are addressed to doctors or general audiences have been done routinely. For educational purposes, various method on education such as onlinearticle, brochure, and  poster have been used so that the general society can satisfy their question on common problems of bone and mucle. Researches that are currently on progress or before-hand had been done are intended to accelerate the development of orthopaedic specifically and the general health science in Indonesia.





 1. Division of Trauma and Reconstruction


This division delve into problems associated with trauma that cause fractures and others, and efforts on reconstruction so that the patient may have a normal or near-normal function of limbs. The service includes:


·    Rekonstruksi pada kasus Neglected Fracture dan Non Union Reconstruction on Neglected Fractire and Non Union case  

     Reconstructive surgery on fracture that are neglected on treatment and fratures that are failed to connect.


-   Treatment on hip and hip-joint cup fracture

    Hip fracture is commonly found in older people and are routinely associated with osteoporosis, and is one of the serious   problems in orthopaedics. Thus, an advanced treatment is needed.


-  Reconstruction for problems in limb length: Limb Lengthening Procedure

   An old fracture that was not treated well may cause shortening in length of limb. We can do a reconstruction so that the length  of limb can be returned to normal and the patient can walk normally again.


-  Joint replacement: Hemiarthroplasty, Total Hip Arthroplasty

   A partial/total joint replacement that uses an advanced navigation procedure and internal prosthesis.


 2. Division of Spine


This division focus on problems associated with the spine, including trauma, degenerative disease and infections. Service includes:

·    Operasi Koreksi Skoliosis Berat, Correction of Severe Scoliosis

Severe scoliosis is often accompanied with morbidities and complications that needs advanced treatment. We proide a complete and holistic service for severe Scoliosis case with Intra-Operative Neuron Monitoring, and autologous transfusion, a process of transfusion without donors.


  -  Spondylitis Tuberculosis Treatment

     A total treatment of spondylitis tuberculosis followed by reconstruction of postural deformities (often found in severe case) and medical treatment.

  -  The utilization of latest technology with minimal wound for elderly patients with degenerative problems of spine

  -  Spine trauma treatment

     Treatments for trauma that includes severe injury on the spine.


  3.  Division Orthopaedic Oncology

  Tumor of bones and soft tissues are rarely found, but needs to be treated comprehensively and integratively with the latest technology. The services includes:

  -  Clinicopathological Conference (Multidepartement)

     Conference between departments involving orthpedics, pathologist, and radiologist will be done to confirm diagnosis and compelet treatment plan for oncology cases

  -  Limb Salvage Surgery with Megaprosthesis

     Surgery for bone tumor removal while avoiding amputation. The tumor part will be discarded and replaced with a bone-joint megaprosthesis implant

  -  CT Guide Core Biopsy

     A procedure of tumor biopsy assisted by CT-scan for tumor cases that are hard to biopsy with simple instruments.

  -  Extra-corporeal Irradiation Procedure

     A radiation procedure to cut bones that contained tumor with radiotherapy, so that itcan again be implanted after itsvitality is reached

  -  Reconstruction for soft tissue tumor that often leaves physical flaw.


  4.  Division of pediatric orthopedics

  Pediatric orthopedic is a division that specialize in orthopedic problems in infants and children. This division’s services include:

  -  Crooked foot correction (CTEV) and other congenital defect

     Reconstruction is done using gyps or surgery for crooked feet and othe bone defect in infants and children.

  -  Reconstruction of Blount’s disease

     A reconstructive surgery done fro bone defect that is caused by Blount’s disease, with treatments including Bamboo Osteotomy

  -  Cerebral palsy treatment

      Botox injection in several area

  -  Developmental Dysplasia of Hip (DDH)

  -  Treatment for congenital hip defect in infant/child


  5. Division of Hand and Microsurgery

  Division of hand and microsurgery specializes in treatment of hand and upper limb problems, including problems in soft tissue such as vascular, muscle, and neural. The fatured services of this divisions are:

  -  Reconsruction of congenital hand defect

     Hand serves as one of the vital part in doing daily activities. With the latest technologies, micorsurgerywill be done for congenital defect of hand such as extra finger, fused fingers, drum finger, claw hand, etc.

  -  Treatment of brachial plexus injury (neurolysis, nerve graft, tendon transfer)

      The high incidence of vehicle accidents in Indonesia causes a high number of paralysis of hand and upper limb due to nerve injury. The RSCM Department of Orthopedic and Traumatology is one of the main center in Indonesia that can manage the brachial plexus injury, with a high-end procedure such as replacement of nerve and nerve release.

  -  Prothesis installment of finger

     Finger prosthesis insertion for finger amputation cases due to accidents or other causes.

  -  Nerve Entrapment Release

     A procedure of paralysis/pain treatment that is caused by nerve compression. One of the examples are Carpal tunnel syndrome


  6.  Division Knee, shoulder and sport injury

       This division specializes in treating injuries or problems at the knee and shoulder region, and treating sport injuries such as knee ligament tears. The featured services of this division is:

  -  Minimal Invasive/Arthroscopy (Lutut and Bahu/knee and shoulder)

     A high-technology procedure with a minimal wound that uses the arthroscopy instrument for patients with joint arthritis, ligament tear, and other micro-anatomical defects in the shoulder and the knee.

  -  Joint Replacement (Total Knee Replacement)

     A procedure of knee joint replacement with a bionic joint

  -  Stem Cell Therapy

    The uitilization of stem cell for joint injury or degenerative joint disease.





   Available clinics


  We have several services hours and facilities to support the diagnostic and treatment process



  -  RSCM General clinic

     Everyday, working hours, Monday-Friday, 08.00 WIB - Done

  -  RSCM Madya Clinic

     With Appointments

  -  RSCM Kencan Clinic

     With appointment


  Operating room

  -  Emergency operating room

  -  Central Operating Room

  -  One-day-care Operating room

  -  sterotactic operating room

  -  Kencana operating room


  Infatient Room

  -  Integrated Infatient Unit

  -  Integrated Service Unit RSCM Kencana


Advance Services


Onkologi Orthopedi

1.       Extracorporal Irradiation procedure

2.       Clinicopathological Conference Based Diagnosis

3.       Tissue bank


1.       Reconstruction in congenital anomaly (CTEV)

2.       Blount’s disease reconstruction / Bamboo Osteotomy

3.       Cerebral palsy treatment


1.       Severe scoliosis correction procedure

2.       Kyphosis Deformity on TB Spine correction procedure including total treatment

3.       Minimal invasive procedure of spine degenerative problem

4.       Trauma of spine care and procedure


1.       Reconstruction of neglected fracture

2.       Internal fixation of acetabulum and pelvis

3.       Reconstruction, Limb lengthening, and bone transport

4.       Arthroplasty pelvis: Hemiarthroplasty & total hip arthroplasty

5.       Reconstruction Deformities


1.       Reconstruction congenital anomaly (radial club manus, polydactily, syndactily)

2.       Plexus brachialis injury (neurolysis, nerve graft, tendon transfer)

Knee, shoulder, sport

1.       Minimal invasive (knee & shoulder)

2.       Joint replacement (Total knee replacement)

Cell therapy 




Official Website: orthoui-rscm.org