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Pharmaceutical Procurement Services Unit

1. Outpatient services:

- Satelit IGD
- Satelit Irna A

Serving Recipe (Special RSCM)

2. Inpatient Services
- Satelit IBP
- Satelit Gedung A
- Satelit IKA
- Satelit PJT
- Satelit ICU

Supplies serving pharmaceutical package / Unit Dose

3. Services Warehouse / Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products Unit to Work Unit:
- Distribution of Drugs
- The distribution of the Medical Devices
- Distribution of Radiological Materials
- Distribution Reagensia
- Distribution of Materials Haemodialysis

Serving the entire work unit demands BMHP in RSCM


Halfway House



Efforts Reduce Neglected Patients

Concern for others who can not belong to all parts of society. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) also have the same concern. That is why the RSCM establish shelters. This magnificent building services intended for the patient or the patient's family in limbo or abandoned. Existence they also everywhere. All the empty space, starting under stairs, behind the zinc barrier to the RSCM building projects, and others they occupy.
Various reasons they put forward. Ranging from not having the cost of return to areas of origin, to wait for an empty spot treatment (if return home because they are far from areas outside Jakarta).
This condition would have been very disturbing activities hospital, hospital order, and add to the budget. For example, the cost of water, electricity, and sanitation around the hospital. This gives rise to the impression of the hospital looks shabby and neglected. What's more of them, who have lived there more than a week and even a month.
"The idea is to facilitate patient. Actually we see this problem has nothing to do with the hospital. It means that RS is not related to a medical problem beyond. We've talked a few times with the Ministry of Social Affairs (as a responsible social problems, Red), but apparently they do not have a way out to anticipate and facilitate the patients with such conditions, said Dr. Sonar Soni Panigoro, Sp. B-Onk, M. Epid, Director General and Operations RSCM.

Building will have a capacity of 84 rooms equipped beds are built along the back of the RSCM area bordering the river Ciliwung inspection.
In order to streamline services, the building is also equipped with the office manager. This three-story building created specifically to accommodate the needs of the patient will be abandoned. This can be seen from the number of rooms, and a common bathroom on each floor (second floor, and three).
Meanwhile floor function room will serve as a sort of hall that serves as a place for discussion, both among families, between residents and others.
Shelters are intended for patients or families of patients who are waiting for the examination, patient room that does not exist (due to the list is pretty long waiting list), awaiting the results of a survey, do not have a home costs, and others.
Not only that. In order to prevent the emergence of vulnerabilities, and create order and cleanliness, the manager will conduct regular control by placing some security guards, and cleaning service.


Despite having a capacity of over 80s bed, the doctor who had served as Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology RSCM recognize this capacity building deemed to be lacking. today only (September 2006, Ed.) people who stay in doorways that more than 10 families (head of family) per day. And they stay for days or even months. Just imagine how much we need to accommodate said.
Given space constraints, Dr. Sonar said, the manager will make the selection and strict rules for people who will get this halfway house services. The main priority is given to inpatients origin (outside Jakarta) who were awaiting treatment or a treatment (data obtained by cooperation with other units and through a certificate of treatment, Ed.). In addition to restrictions on who his RSCM will also plan for limiting the length of stay. It is tailored to the patient's condition is concerned.
"We are prioritizing the patient, not penunggunya. But it will be very difficult. Why? Because contrary to our culture, one that involved patients take quite a lot. Khan, they might as well not live in a single room, or rent more than one room. So there will be no restrictions. Reality on the ground each group comprising at least four to five people. Imagine if all of us accommodated. Certainly not enough. Hence more rigorous selection process. Now, if we make the hall, so not all regular, untidiness here at Ajah move there. Indeed, we want to train, he said.
Currently we are discussing with the committee what criteria will be used to operate the shelter. This restriction will allow us to control, he said.
Dr.. Add sonar, perkamar rents to be issued patient is much cheaper compared to the expenditure per day if they are in limbo within the RSCM.
If the fear misinterpreted the term free, and there's no sense at all. According to the survey, those who live in doorways, must spend money amounting to Rp. 20.000, - per day. For what? WC to shower, and others. Facilities that we give it very good. We provide a bedroom, mattresses, pillows, bathroom, he said.


As the largest referral hospital in Jakarta, where Shelter Home is expected to further enhance the image of the RSCM. This can be seen by going to the order environment.
"Construction of Shelter Homes have basically no financial foundation. This is precisely the construction of the project cost center. But it did not matter, because in this project are preferred aspect of humanity. So when viewed from the income, of course, very small. It was not worth the costs. Therefore we expect the participation of all parties, both inside and outside the RSCM for with the successful implementation of the shelter home, said Dr. Sonar.
Obviously with a better image will positively impact the RSCM. RSCM hospital would be satisfactory all-round choice in health care, and an insurer or funder will compete to send their patients to RSCM.
RSCM management as the owner and manager of the shelter home, in mid-2006 start making mock-ups. Then followed the development process. May 2007, the building has become a physical shelter home. And planned late 2007 Shelter Home will operate.
Hopefully, can facilitate patients to no longer wandering and homeless in doorways. Although not yet able to accommodate entirely, at least not this halfway house can reduce the number of patients who are displaced. For those who have not, we in this case, the RSCM will cooperate with the Ministry of Social Affairs to seek a solution. Not only that. Our managers are expected to be active, dedicated, and selfless in trying to run this shelter home, hope Dr. Sonar as he ended the interview with Hello Cipto.