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Department of Ear, Nose, and Throat – Head and Neck Surgery(ENT-HNS)


General Information
In the era of globalization andand internationalization process as well as the demands of the society to obtain a better health service particularly in the field of Ear, Nose, and Throat – Head and Neck Surgery, the quality of the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia in the field  of ENT–HNS must be nationally recognized and meet the  international standard of competence.
In reaching this objective, curriculum of Medical Doctor and Specialization education in ENT-HNS department must provides academic and profession materials, professional health care officer supported with good capability in science and medical technology.
Vision of ENT-HNS department of Medical Faculty of Universitas Indonesia in 2012 is afford to produce Medical Doctor or ENT-HNS Specialist with international professional capability and competent in giving health care services in society based on recent developments in evidence based medicine of science and medical technology.
Mission of ENT-HNS department in realizing the vision is by improving the innovation of program’s study method of participant to achieve the basic level of competency which can improve the service effectiveness, expertise in ENT-HNS field and ability to study continuously and readiness to follow the medical education and continuing professional development.
Competencies to be mastered by the ENT-HNS graduate’s specialist of Medical Faculty ofUniversitas Indonesia are not only in specialistic field but also have to mastered the basic competence and it can be fulfilled with Evidence based medicine approach of higher professionalism.
Therefore graduates Medical doctor and ENT-HNS specialists are not only as a professional expert in giving the health care services to society but also have to be able to be a researcher and teacher.
The goals of Medical Doctor and ENT-HNS specialist educational program is to produce Medical doctor and ENT-HNS Specialist with professional competence both as a general practitioner and ENT-HNS specialist that capable in giving international level of health care services and having academic competence that capable in doing research, developing and spreading ENT-HNS knowledge in accordant with the huge progress of science and medical technology and supported with a good authorization in basic medical knowledge.


DIVISION OF ENT-HNS Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia – CiptoMangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM)
Department of ENT-HNS –RSCM has 9 divisions  :
1.    Neurotology Division
2.    Otology Division
3.    Larynx and Pharynx Division
4.    Rhinology Division
5.    Endoscopy-Bronchoesophagology Division
6.    ENT-HNS Oncology Division
7.    Plastic Reconstruction Division
8.    Immunology allergy Division
9.    ENT–HNS Community Division


Several featured programs of ENT-HNS department of Medical Faculty of Universitas Indonesia – Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital are :


Neurotology Division : Pure tone audiometry, Speech Audiometry,   tympanometry, OAE, Frenzel, Posturography, DVA, BERA
Otology Division : Cochlear Implant, Microscopic Assessment
Larynx-Pharynx Division : Rhinopharingolaryngoscope, Stroboscopic
Rhinology Division : Nasoendoscope, Sniffing Test
Endosocpy-Bronchoesophagology Division : TransnasalEsophagososcopy, FEES
ENT-HNS Oncology Division : Pernasoendoscopic Biopsy
Plastic Reconstruction Division : Closed Reduction of Os nasal Fracture
Allergy Immunology Division : Allergic test
ENT-HNS Community Division : BERA


1.    Alfian Farud Hafil, dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
2.    Arie Cahyono, dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
3.    Armiyanto, dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
4.    Bambang Hermani, Prof. dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
5.    Brastho Bramantyo,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
6.    Darnila F. Rani, dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
7.    Dini WidiarniWidodo,Dr.dr.M.Epid,Sp.THT-KL(K)
8.    Endang SulistyoS.S,dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
9.    Elvie Zulka K.Rachmawati, dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
10.    Fachri Hadjat,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
11.    Fauziah Fardizza,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
12.    Harim Priyono,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
13.    Helmi,Prof.dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
14.    Jenny Bashiruddin,Prof.Dr.dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
15.    MarlindaS.Yudhanto,dr.PhD.Sp.THT-KL(K)
16.    Mirta Hediyati,Dr.dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
17.    NikenLestari,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
18.    Nina Irawati,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
19.    Rahmanofa Yunizaf,dr.Sp.THT-KL
20.    Ratna Dwi Restuti,Dr.dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
21.    RetnoS.Wardani,Dr.dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
22.    Ronny Suwento,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
23.    RusdianUtama,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
24.    Semiramis Zyzlavsky,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
25.    Susyana Tamin,Dr.dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
26.    Syahrial M.H,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
27.    Tri Juda Airlangga H,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
28.    Trimartani,Dr.dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
29.    Umar Said Dharmabakti,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
30.    Widayat Alviandi,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)
31.    Zanil Musa,dr.Sp.THT-KL(K)


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