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Anatomical Pathology Department

                                                                                      ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY DEPARTMENT

Anatomical Pathology is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease, through examination of gross, microscopic and/or immunohistochemistry/molecular examination of specimens that can be fluid/cells/tissues/organs/whole bodies that were obtained either by fine needle aspiration/biopsy/surgery/autopsy

A. Brief History

Based on DECISION LETTER of MenKes Number 134 in 1978, the hospital Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital was designated as the Ministry of health spesialistis and subsuperspesialistis the existence. One of the conditions is the installation must have a hospital pathology anatomik to be able to carry out services in the field of Pathology examination anatomik.


Then in 1981 after a series of assessments and negotiations between the leadership of the pathology Section leader with the RSCM Anatomik and Chairman of MEDICINE, agreed that beginning in


Anatomik Medicine Pathology Section 1981, which in reality already since yore co-hosted with the RSCM, integrated in the Organization and administration of the RSCM as Pathology Anatomik Installation. This deal is not dimuattertuang in a letter decision, but which can be considered as the inauguration of the installation of this PA, was at the time Minister of Health Safety time, Dr. Surjaningrat Suwardjono, review Installation PA. by the time the Memorial HUT RSCM to 62 on 26November 1981.

The head of the section installation from time to time:
1928 – 1942                   : Comelis Bonne
1943 – 1945                   : Sutomo Tjokronegoro
1946 – 1949                   : Sutomo Tjokronegoro (PTKRI)
1946 – 1947                   : Comelis Bonne dan M. Straub (Universitas van Indonesie)
1947 – 1949                   : Gerrit Bras, Pj. Kep. (Universitas van Indonesie)
1950                                 : Gerrit Bras
1951 – 1969                   : Sutomo Tjokronegoro
1969 – 1973                   : Rukmono
1973 – 1984                   : Suminto Setyawan Brotoprawiro
1985 – 1989                   : Sutisna Himawan
1990 – 1998                   : Achmad Tjarta
1999 – 2007                   : Mpu Kanoko
2008 – 2012                   : Endang Sri Roostini Hardjolukito
2013 – Sekarang           : Diah Rini Handjari


Vision - Mission
Vision Department of Anatomic Pathology
Department of Anatomic Pathology RSCM / FKUI become a referral center services, education and peenlitian the plenary (Infinite Experience) is a leading Asia Pacific

Mission of the Department of Anatomic Pathology
Implement plenary pathology services in a professional and international standard in health care in RSCM penyelanggaraan and other educational RS and become a referral center pathology services
• conducting a pathology of an international education based on competency and produce graduates who are highly competitive in an effort to improve the health of society
• Carry out research of international quality pathology and produce a formidable researcher in the development of science and medical technology
• Take an active role in the formulation of national education policies pathology education
• conducting a management system that professionalpada all department activities




Division I     : Cardiovascular system, Respiratory pathology/ Thoracic System Pathology, Genitourinary system, Head and neck pathology
Division II    : Gastrointestinal Pathology, Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Pathology, Oral and salivary glands pathology
Division III   : Obstetrics and gynecologic pathology
Division IV  : Hematopathology, Endocrine Pathology, Breast Pathology.
Division V   : Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology, Dermatopathology, Neuropathology, Ophthalmologic Pathology
Division VI  : Cytopathology




I. Academic
Undergraduate Education (S1)
Graduate Education Of Biomedicine
Education Specialist I
Education Consultant
Research and development
Laboratory of experimental pathology



II. Diagnostic service

Histopatologik laboratory services:

1. cut the Frozen; diagnostic services intra operative who functions in a quick diagnostic on enforcement  while the patient underwent operative action.
2. Examination by the method of network Hematoksilin squeezed – Eosin; regular inspections are carried out in the enforcement of the diagnosis.

Sitopatologik laboratory services:

1. fine needle aspiration biopsyFNAB Clinic (fine needle aspiration biopsy): method of cells using a fine needle.
2. The examination of Cytology selcairan: bronchial Flycatcher, sputum, pleural, urine, asites, etc.
3. Examination of gynaecological cytology using conventional Pap smear and liquid-based Pap smears.

Laboratory services: Histochemistry


Examination of the tissue by using special methods to detect simple squeezed the substance of which is owned by the network. Example: Ziehl Neelsen squeezed (examination to detect acid-resistant bacilli), Masson trichrome (examination to detect collagen and muscle), etc.

Immunohistochemical laboratory services:

Examination of tissues using specific antibody and antigen binding which belonged to each of the network, with the purpose to determine the origin and type of the tumor, as well as therapeutic targets, among other things, an examination of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and HER2 in breast cancer, CD 117C-Gastro Intestinal Stromal kits Tumor (GIST), CD 20 on Lymphoma malignum cell types B and others.

Molecular Pathology Laboratory services:

Now we can do the examination of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Genotyping in order to detect the 33 HPV type. HPV type can be divided into groups of High Risk and Low Risk based on the possibility of precipitating violence.


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