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Medical Department of Clinical Microbiology




            The Department of Microbiology, Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia (Micro-UI), Jakarta, is a department responsible for teaching, research and public service in the field of microbiology.  Micro-UI does not only involve in clinical microbiology, but also in medically related food microbiology, environmental microbiology, basic microbiology, as well as studies on various kinds of infectious diseases which are major public health problems in Indonesia. 

             Micro-UI is recognized among Indonesian medical faculties as an outstanding department, in term of institutional research facilities and the availability of scientists of excellent qualifications.  As a center of development in medical microbiology, Micro-UI has not only gained a national reputation, but its existence is also recognized internationally.

            And since November 2011, Department of Microbiology had been inaugurated as one of Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital Department, named as Medical Department of Clinical Microbiology. Hopefully that this inauguration will encourage the role of clinical microbiology laboratory in other hospitals.