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History of RSCM




The history of RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo are related with the history of medical faculty university of Indonesia, since the developing of these two institutions rely on each other and fill each other

In 1896 Dr. H. Roll is pointed as medical education leader in Batavia (Jakarta) at that moment laboratory and java medical school still in one leader.

Then, in 1910 java medical school changed become STOVIA the beginning of medical faculty of Indonesia university

On November 19, 1919 is built CBZ (Centrale Burgulijke ziekenhuis) which is tied with STOVIA since that moment holding of medical education and service grow rapidly and develop medical facilities service specialist for all throughout society

In March 1942 when Indonesia is settled by Japan, CBZ became university hospital (ika daigaku byongin)

In the 1945, CBZ changed becoming Rumah Sakit Oemoem Negeri (RSON), is led by Prof Dr Asikin Widjayakoesoema then next is led by Prof Tamija.

In 1950 RSON has changed the name December 12, 2became Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat (RSUP).

On August 17, 1964 minister of health Prof. Dr. Satrio legalized RSUP became Rumah Sakit Tjipto Mangunkusumo (RSTM) as the time goes on with developing of Ejaan Baru Bahasa Indonesia,so it is changed bebame RSCM.

In June 1994 based on SK Menkes no 553/Menkes/SK/VI/1994, changed the name became RSUP nasional Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo.

Based on PP No 116/2000 December 2000 RSUPN Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo is claimed as Perusahaan Jawatan (Perjan) RS Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta.

In the next development, Perjan RSCM changed became General Service Board based on PP No 23/2005


SK Menkes no YM.01.10/III/2212/2009 Pemberian Status Akreditasi penuh Tingkat lengkap


SK Menkes no.YM.01.06/III/7352/2010 Penetapan RSUPN Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta sebagai Rumah Sakit Pendidikan Utama Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia Jakarta