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About A Building


A Building is a commitment to improve the quality Inpatient Services Hospital Dr. Cipto Mangunkusomo (RSCM) with a standardized service of international standard. As the name implies Integrated Inpatient Services is a 9 Integration in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics composed RSCM, Surgery, Neurosurgery, ENT, disease in, Anesthesia, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Geriatrics.

Powered by Modern Equipment and Facilities Integrated Inpatient, in accordance with the concept, the whole needs of patients served sought as much as possible under one roof. The service concept is very help patients, because patients do not bother to be transferred from one unit to another unit in order to obtain services.

8 floor building, consisting of a 169-patient rooms, and a total capacity of 900 beds occupy a building area of ​​26,000 m2, making Building A as Inpatient Unit in Indonesia. Continuous Quality Improvement-oriented Wing Public In The Service Quality Dimensions apply.

As part of the National General Hospital, A
Building has the advantage of aspects of the quality of both the Human Resources Specialist or Nurse. The Senior Doctor, Expert and Professional various disciplines of medicine ready to serve patients with the best of its ability. Nurse is a partner in the care of the doctor patient has the skills and knowledge of Medical Sciences and Nursing adequate, allowing patients safe in their care.

The paradigm of service refers to the fairness, transparency facilitated by the Hospital Management Information System based Computerized. Clinical and Financial Management System Patient summarized in a single integrated information system that allows building a corporate level, working with 3rd party (or Insurance Company).