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RSCM Kencana


RSCM Kencana commenced operations on May 7, 2010 was inaugurated by the Minister of Health, dr. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih MPH, Ph.D., who serves anticipate the challenges of health care quality world-class hospital.

Expectations of the government against the RSCM Kencana is to improve the competitiveness of the Indonesian health care in the region. RSCM Kencana is in the hospital under the Ministry of Health, which offers the concept of integrated health services internationally. The presence of RSCM Kencana gives a new nuance of increasingly sophisticated medical technology, where previously people mostly settled on hospital services abroad. Over time, the RSCM Kencana is expected to continue to be the choice of the Indonesian community in meeting the needs of health care.


Indonesian people now have the opportunity to seek treatment that can be equated with quality hospitals abroad. RSCM Kencana which has 71 bedrooms consisting of VIP rooms, VVIP, president suite room and suite is located on Jl. Diponegoro No. 71, Central Jakarta. Its location is very strategic and easily accessible, and has a large parking area and supported by the availability of parking tower facilities that can accommodate 96 vehicles. RSCM Kencana integrated services in the cluster - cluster is available, answering people's expectations for comfort and quality services.


     Be the leading integrated service unit subspesialis International class of 2013

     1. Providing treatment services that promotes international subspesialistik excellent service and

         cutting-edge technology.
     2. Carry out the role as the most comprehensive and reliable reference center.
     3. Providing prevention services, maintenance, and improvement of international health.
     4. Education specialist consultants.
     5. Providing services by consultants with high competence.
     6. Organizing a dynamic and accountable management and achieve excellent performance.
     7. Organizing a harmonious working environment, conducive and comfortable for all staff.
     8. Health service delivery with a touch of hospitality culture.
     9. Carrying out research-based services.



The Finest  Modern Hospital Near Your Family



   1. Realization of cost efectiveness in service, education and research.
   2. RSCM Kencana realization as a reliable profit center.
   3. Realization of stakeholder satisfaction.
   4. Realization of hospital management system appropriate best practice.
   5. Realization of re-engineering through operational research hospital.
   6. The realization of efficient health services and patient safety-oriented and quality.
   7. The realization of the establishment of the Integrated Care for Complex Team medically
   8. Realization of research-based education and competency by integrating aspects of patient safety
   9. The realization of a comprehensive staff with competence and superior performance

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