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Burn Centre

Burn Centre Slogan : Improved Management for Better Outcome

    Being a service center and a leading integrated equivalent burns Asia Pacific 2015

   1. Provide integrated services burns quality and affordable by all levels of society
   2. A means of scientific education burns qualified for all health workers
   3. A means of research and development of science burns up to all health workers
   4. Establish partnerships and cooperation with international burns center
Quality Policy UPT LB

   - Caring: To provide services and care in burn patients with a sincere and heartfelt.
   - Be patient: Serve with patience and uphold professionalism
   - Update: Always keep abreast of the latest scientific
   - Respect: Working mutual respect and cooperation
   - Nicely: Providing customer satisfaction


Burns case began entrusted to the Burns Centre Unit RSCM since the Garuda plane crash in Yogyakarta and the eruption of Mount Merapi. Currently Pertamina Hospital also entrust the case of exploding gas stove 3 kg to the Burn Centre RSCM. In addition to Pertamina Hospital, Burn Centre RSCM also received a confidence of 45 patients from 31 private hospitals, 27 patients from 12 public hospitals, and 3 patients from 3 Sejabotabek Clinic.

Burns is a multidisciplinary field. Departments involved in the handling of cases of burns consist of:

   - Plastic Surgery / Surgery
   - Adult ICU / Anesthesia
   - ICU Child / IKA
   - Internal Medicine
   - Psychiatry
   - Medical Rehabilitation Unit
   - Nutrition



On July 14, 2011, the Burn Centre Unit was moved to a new building CMU3 along with Cleft Craniofacial Center.

Facilities owned by the burn center who long form:

   - HCU : 8 beds
   - ICU : -
   - Operating Theater  : -

Existing facilities such as

   - High Care  : 10 beds
   - Operating Theater  : 1 bed

In 2012, Burns facility is targeted to be:

   - HCU  : 10 beds
   - ICU  : 2 beds
   - Operating Theater  : 1 bed