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RSCM Menerima Sertifikat Akreditasi JCI 2023

“You are not a hospital of the last resort; you are a HOSPITAL OF THE GREATEST HOPE. When no one else knows what to do with their patients, they send them to you… and you rise to the occasion.” 

-Patricia O’Shea, JCI Surveyor RSCM 2023-


In our perspective, the JCI accreditation survey does not only help us to become an accredited hospital, but also supports the efforts to identify our weaknesses and strengths in the provision of the best health services for our patients. There are a multitude of lessons that we learn through each and every survey process. We feel that the surveyors really dedicate their time and capacity to help make us better, prevent risks, and affirm our sincerity to provide the best healthcare services for all. Thank you, JCI, for being our Mentor, Friend, and Family, always.

RSCM, 2023

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